What is Status API?

Status API gives you an easiset way of integrating the status of your stop loss alerts with several desktop applications incudling MS Excel and MATLAB, your websites and so on.

To use this feature, make sure that you switch on the "Enable Status API for obtaining status." in the settings of your account.

How to use Status API?

The simplest of its form is the web-call which you can even test on any internet browser:


Please replace the ORDERID and EMAIL with the order ID you want to check status for and your email address.

The above call will respond in a 'number' which can be understood as follow:

Number Meaning
0 Active
1 Cancelling old order...
2 Old order has been cancelled.
3 Placing new order...
4 Order has been placed.
5 Some special notice
-1 Error

You can also directly receive the stauts 'message' of your alert by adding the following parameter (shown in red):


In the following, we have given few examples of how you can use it in other applications.

MS Excel

Use the WEBSERVICE function in any cell:



CONCATENATE function can be used if the parameters are saved in a cell. You can download an example excel file.


Use the urlread function in command line or m-file:

status_numeric = urlread('http://www.cryptopiaslt.com/cryptopiaslt/statusapi/?orderid=ORDERID&email=EMAIL')

status_message = urlread('http://www.cryptopiaslt.com/statusapi/?orderid=ORDERID&email=EMAIL&format=message')

strcat function be used if the parameters are saved in variables. You can download an example m-file file.


You can either use file_get_contents() or cURL to obtain the status. You can download example codes in php.